About Us

Lighting as a work of art and tradition

At Medialight USA we create decorative lighting for varied industries, merging traditional Italian design expertise and innovation. Founded by Eros Viola, our venture in lighting started more than 50 years ago in Italy, and has grown throughout two generations and expanded to North America and the Caribbean. Medialight, headquartered in Miami, distributes three Italian brands: Evi Style, Morosini, and Quantum.


Tailored Creations

Our products range from modern to classical and from minimalistic to multifaceted architectural styles, all customized to satisfy our client’s preferences.
We collaborate with top architects and designers to create impeccable pieces.

Why choose Us?


Our craftsmanship engages ancient techniques that fuse hand-blown Murano glass, the clearest crystals, metals, state-of-the-art wood and refined fabrics. To ensure final satisfaction, our traditional manufacturing techniques are enhanced by the latest technology.
We manufacture lighting with the latest designs, computerized technology and handmade quality.

Why choose Us?

Our Clients

We work with a variety of clients and brands from the hospitality, cruiseline, and residential industries, such as Hilton, Royal Caribbean, Regent Seven Seas, Oceania Cruises, Holland American Line, Seabourn and Sheraton.
Medialight is known in the upscale lighting industry for delivering quality products in a punctual manner. We are always open to client’s preferences and requests and would be honored to answer your questions or queries.

Morosini expresses the most experimental essence of lighting design.

Its creations communicate the desire to draw new borders in the contemporary style, making current the choices in the vanguard thanks to the mix of materials, originality and aesthetic compatibility with the environment.

The real soul of Morosini is clear in the study of light and in the absolute cleanliness of the lines ,an eclectic soul, sometimes provocative, in an ongoing match of references, contrasts and inspirations with the modern tastes and decor.

The typical traditional cut production quality of Made in Italy and the explosive creativity of the emerging designers are combined within Morosini.
An exclusive, unexpected, idea already known and recognized worldwide.

The ability to interpret the requirements of innovation and exclusivity of the contemporary market, reinterpreting the classic style. It is the Evi Style designer signature, the result of a typically Italian craftsmanship, capable of transmitting, with light and material, absolute freshness and refinement.

Selecting and combining different fabrics, crystals, glasses, metals, progress and tradition, technical rigor and creativity, the Evi Style designers create multisensory atmospheres, proposing formally and technically innovative lighting items, though remaining faithful to the aesthetics of classic decor.

These are often unique pieces, able to carry in an instant, to every environment, the uniqueness of who have created them and who owns them.